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Copyrights: Estate Planning Conundrum

If you own a copyright and need to estate plan, you’re in good company:  James Joyce, Walt Disney, C.S. Lewis, and Andy Warhol faced your same dilemma.  Although the Sonny Bono Copyright Term Extension Act generously extended the length of … Continue reading

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Back to School: Living Trusts and Education Expenses

By Kimberly Napolitano Backpacks are purchased, new shoes abound, and alarm clocks are ringing early across the nation as we celebrate the start of another school year.  Some of us complain about budget cut-backs in our public schools, others of … Continue reading

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Online Passwords: Who will log-in when you cannot?

By Kimberly Napolitano Passwords are tricky beasts.  Given the proliferation of password requirements to do anything from sell stock to buy movie tickets to see your friend’s vacation photos, we are all inundated with passwords.  Some require a number, some … Continue reading

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Expecting an Inheritance? Already Got One? Get Advice!

By Kimberly Napolitano One of the greatest aspirations of parents is to leave an inheritance for their children.  Whether you receive your inheritance from a parent, grandparent, extended family or a friend, you need to be very careful what you … Continue reading

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Vacationing Without the Kids? Pack Some Peace of Mind

Your Itinerary:  A room for two, sleeping in, quietness and no diaper bag to schlep, puzzles to assemble or game consoles to charge.  What could be better than a weekend away without the kids?  But then than nagging feeling sinks … Continue reading

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